Friday, January 29, 2016

Shannon watson
We don't pretend to know threats from stone cold killers, we KNOW almost daily threats from stone cold killers. (Thanks to Dennis Watson for ratting me out to HA El-Khatib) What we 'KNOW' now is to keep moving and what we 'KNOW' is that Dennis Watson best be ready to meet his maker, soon. Our anonymous scum says it won't be much longer for him, and I'm the next. That is called terrorism folks.

I guess being associated with a straight-up RAT, even temporarily, gets a body what a RAT gets. Some have to learn only one way I suppose. I don't spend two nights in the same place anymore, but, eventually, I suppose I will share Dennis Watson's pending fate.

Ironically, and we have plenty of that, I was motivated solely to get him to remove the worst of his insults against the HA. THIS for his own bloody damn good. He simply refused. NEVER did I ever suppose this would result in both of us getting whacked.

Obviously if I could have somehow seen that one coming I would left him to his fully retarded fate in a heartbeat.
Dennis Watson has obtained my police booking photo from Suzan El-Khatib. She got it via her police complaint about 'criminal harrassment'. She is sooooo fearful for her safety tis a fukkin crime. (Shades of Stephanie Guthrie?) That photo has also been twittered hundreds of times already, very probably by Dennis Watson.

He knows he's putting my life in jeopardy, he's the one directly responsible for it.

Suzan El-Khatib

Dennis Watson has been attempting photo take-downs
of this image. His daughter contributed material to his blog
for an extended period. What makes her photo special?
He claims I threatened her. Thats another lie.
Mr. Dennis Watson of the "Gangsters Out Blog" is a rat and a hypocrite. He takes pride in describing himself as a "police agent". He posts personal insults and lies that get people killed. In one case he claimed a group of innocent teens were gangsters.

"Everyone who knows me knows that is not how I do business. I may well be confrontational but I am truthful."

"Dennis Watson is back - The Gangsters out Blog has Returned
On September 7th I said it was time to shut it down. I've decided to come back on a semi retired basis". "There is definitely a need for police agents in law enforcement.

That was a serious mistake, according to our scumbag, threatening sources. He should have kept his word on that one. He didn't. Now he'll pay, some anonymous scum are saying.

Moya Greene, former head of Canada Post "Dennis was kicked out if the Guardian Angels by the leader in New York. Dennis was pretending to be Moirya Greene the President of Canada Post and sending emails with @moiyragreene to employees. Canada Post fired his ass."

Dumbass Watson then cried to the union like a bitch to save his job. It didn't work. Pffft.

Dennis Watson was kicked out of the organization for being a nutcase.
May 23, 2007 - Guardian Angels draw a crowd. The newest tourist attractions in town over the long weekend were the red berets and paramilitary jackets of the Guardian Angels.

"Tourists wanted to get their pictures taken with us," said Dennis Watson of the Vancouver Guardian Angels chapter, who was in Victoria on a second fact-finding trip to assess interest in setting up a Victoria chapter.
Mr. Dennis Watson has stated AGAIN he WILL remove his material, as he promised months ago and he blames my ultimatum for this. Whatever and typical.

Dennis Watson is a proven liar and a rat. He confirmed both of these facts. OF COURSE he was feeding Suzan El-Khatib my e-mails, and OF COURSE he has always been solely motivated by the fact his wife left him for a far better man in a Hells Angel.

Mr. Watson's daughter Shannon has been CONFIRMED as contributing editorial content to his 'Gangsters out' blog, multiple times.
Mr. Dennis Watson is, in many ways, far worse than the scum he has slagged over the past 6 odd years.

When he began his campaign he claimed it was the 'Surrey Six' murders that offended him past the breaking point. We know this, and virtually every other word from that goofy hole is a self-aggrandizing lie.
Dennis Watson SHOULD be thanking me, profusely. There are many examples of retardism on that blog that could EASILY get him hurt, severely. My jaw has dropped more than once with his insults. Who does he think he's disrespecting? On the street if a body DIDN'T respond to being disrespected THEY would be considered the coward in need of an instant beatdown. Mr. Watson has SEVERAL gangs worth of killers and criminals with very legitimate street beefs about his open assholism. 'Dead' True Citizens.

Sadly, for 'men' like Mr. Dennis Watson its all good. Mr. Dennis Watson's address is a matter of public record, it is published widely across Canada including in the National Post.
Dennis Watson : "I have a beef with you Damiano Dipopolo and as God lives I will see you on the other side. My word is my bond. A dieu"

Dennis Watson : "I do have a semi automatic that is gonna spit the next time he talks"

Mr. Dennis Watson has some SERIOUS mental health issues, clearly, and this is only a tiny example of his voluminous material proving it. The fact he appears insane could explain a great deal about his irrational compulsive/obsessive behavior. In his tortured mind it is completely normal.
We spoke yesterday about the motivation of Mr. Dennis Watson in his abnormal obsession with the Hells Angels.

I, like others, dismissed thought of motivation and were impressed with Mr. Watson's apparent courage. As time passed and I exchanged e-mails with the man, my belief in his courage waned, eventually to zero.

Mr. Dennis Watson is very clearly a coward and has always been a coward.

Our information has Mr. Watson catching his now ex-wife having an affair with a biker and being far too afraid to 'do' anything about it. Instead, to salve his hurt pride and ego, he started writing vitriolic and insulting material on the Hells Angels, daily.

With every negative post, with every insult, with every supposed conspiracy theory involving the HA, Mr. Watson felt just a little bit better about his poor little self. When Mr. Watson was called out he decided what he was doing wasn't so great after all. The coward's true nature.
Mr. Watson has NEVER been concerned about 'the public' or the 'truth'. His motivation was and is to obtain revenge and the veracity of what he was spewing wasn't a concern.

Mr. Watson has solicited the public for money multiple times. This repeated begging was done with the certain knowledge people would think his activity had some higher motive. Mr. Watson's sole motivation is and has always been to salve the ego of a coward ... something that is ultimately impossible.
Mr. Dennis Watson made a bed of his own choosing and now, after an extended period, he has finally been called out on it. OF COURSE he's scared pure chitless ... he has every reason to be.

"I regret that it's adversely affected my children," Watson said. "But I don't regret standing up for the truth." (pfffft)
"I've been running the Gangsters out web site and blog for six years about the Vancouver Gang war. I am now tring to raise $1,500.00 to pay a legal bill defending my right to free speech." - Dennis Watson

Mr. Dennis Watson wrapping himself in the flags of 'free speech' and 'rights' and 'truth' is an insult. He is a very bitter old man who said what he pleased because he thought he could remain anonymous and get away with it in perpetuity. Most recently Mr. Watson ratted me out personally, twice.

Mr. Dennis Watson loves to post pictures of his insults on the internet
One of Mr. Watson's targets over the years is HA Hal Bruce Porteous.

Reams and reams of truly grotesque public personal attacks posted ad nauseum by Dennis Watson against Mr. Porteous. Below is from a singular post.

"Hal Heffner is an Idiot"
" What a freakin tool"
"What a social reject."
"The guy is a freaking idiot."

" Weird Hal Porteous is still a fucking idiot. He looks like a senior citizen on crack."

Rick Ciarniello in 2002
"Ricky Ciarniello is a fat ass liar" "Rainbow Ricky’s a bitch" "He is physically repulsive to look at. He’s very over weight and greasy looking. I think he’s a disgusting liar. He’s a slime ball" : Dennis Watson.
"Take a look at this recent photo of some Hells Angels from Ontario. I didn't photo shop it, I just added the arrows and circles. ... riding around looking like idiots with sneakers on. "

"However I never said these individuals have committed a crime other than looking like and driving like idiots, which is my charter right. Welcome to the wonderful world of free speech. "

" The Hells Angels are Racist. Remember the stolen skull in Ontario that had no tacos written on it? You're the bitch. You're a racist's bitch that does whatever he wants."

"You must be one of the Ontario village idiots"
"Peter Leask should be hanged for treason" : Dennis Watson.
Image by Dennis Watson

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fire River Gold FINALY halted - FAU.v

It only took years of outrageous public fraud and a regulator that CANNOT be moved off that grotesque nail for love nor money, and this horrid, horrid example of what is sickeningly wrong with the Venture is finished.

Absolutely amazing says this monkey, and nothing says it better than the FACT the dopey company admitted in black and white it was witholding critical disclosure and the regulator COULD NOT be bothered to "do" thing one about it.
Blow by blow, insult after insult, this was textbook promotion from a career Venture promoter, who, naturally, bailed when the timing was right and is now off to the next promo for utter dopos.

It boogles this little mind how career chitbags can REMAIN career chitbags for decades with no problem whatever. The only possible way is to have a corrupt regulator and Lord knows the BCSC is just about as corrupt as a pack of intrenched and grossly overpaid idiots can get.
VANCOUVER, Dec. 31, 2013 /CNW/ - The following issues have been halted by IIROC:
Company: Fire River Gold Corp.
TSX-Venture Symbol: FAU
Reason: Failure to Maintain Exchange Requirements
Halt Time (ET): 10:04

Bloody wonderful. This dopeshow has been 100% fully dead broke with no bid for at least 8 months. I suppose a body should be fukkin grateful this PoS wasn't offered at half a cent for the NEXT 5 years.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

FAU goes no bid - "market conditions"

"Fire River Gold Corp. has been unsuccessful in renegotiating the terms of its senior secured gold stream credit agreement with Waterton Global Value LP and has received demand for payment from the lender.

The lender has also notified the company of its intention to enforce the security granted to the lender pursuant to the credit facility and of its intention to take the company's shares in its wholly owned subsidiary, Mystery Creek Resources Inc., in satisfaction of the company's indebtedness to the lender in accordance with its rights under the B.C. Personal Property Security Act. The result of such realization process by the lender would be the loss of substantially all of the company's assets. The company knows of no reason that the lender's realization process will not complete as proposed.

Prior to the demand for payment, the board of directors of the company engaged in significant efforts to find additional sources of financing for the company. Ultimately, however, the company was unable to find additional financing, primarily due to the current difficult market conditions."

A sickening securities scam from a sickening career venture promoter since day 1, reported several times to the useless as fukkin hell BCSC, and destined to successfully screw the public over without censure of any kind, AGAIN.

For 3 years we have said this ain't fukkin rocket science and it absolutely AIN'T. This disgrace is the perfect example why the venture "enjoys" the reputation it has earned over sooooooo many years. Catering to proven scumbags while the public continually gets scammed.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rolling Harry Barr gathers no moss

Proving that old adage that Venture promoters never die ... they simply morph into something bigger and better next time, the probably evil Mr. Barr has yet ANOTHER for sure, 100% winner for public types.
Gordon Chunnett and Harry Barr's Southern Sun Minerals Inc. (SSI) has already filed an information circular about its plan to acquire Rock Star Resources Inc. for its qualifying transaction. The companies signed a letter of intent just two months ago.

Southern Sun will issue 1.74 million shares for Rock Star, which has an option to buy the Galleon gold property in Alaska. After completing the acquisition of Rock Star, Southern Sun will then be responsible for paying the underlying owner of the Galleon property, Anglo Alaska Gold Corp., a total of $165,000 (U.S.) cash and 600,000 shares, due in stages. Southern Sun will also have to spend $400,000 (U.S.) on exploration by the end of 2016.
Before we run for our chequebook we best delve into those devilish BarrTardian details ...

The information circular reveals that of the 1.74 million shares that Southern Sun will issue for Rock Star, 500,000 will go to each of Mr. Barr and Kevin Lawrence, both directors of Southern Sun and Rock Star, and another 500,000 will go to Roy Gould, a former vice-president and partial owner of a B.C. firm called United Capital Securities, which was an introducing broker. Mr. Gould resigned from United Capital in 2005, shortly after a U.S. judge ordered him to pay a $500,000 civil penalty and repay $13.84-million in illegal profits from the sale of unregistered shares of an OTC Bulletin Board listing, Starnet Communications International Inc., a company that in 1999 switched its promotion from operating several porn sites to Internet gambling. Mr. Gould was a consultant to Starnet. The stock traded up to $26 (U.S.) in July, 1999, giving the company a market valuation of $1-billion, but later that year it declined after the Vancouver police raided the company's headquarters and the homes of six directors in search of evidence of illegal gaming and pornography. In 2005, after Mr. Gould demonstrated his inability to pay the U.S. judge's fine, the judge waived the civil penalty and reduced the disgorgement to $1-million, or about half of Mr. Gould's net worth at the time. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Gould will not be a director or officer of Southern Sun.

Money in the fukkin bank THIS time? Pfffffft.*MKTSHEL-2107657&symbol=*MKTSHEL®ion=C

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nixon Fork FINALLY shuttered

And here we go, FINALLY the last nail in this disgusting offense and now one wonders if Mr. Harry Barr will buy the property in bankruptcy and do it all over again for the NEXT generation of truly amazing idiots.

Since, to this fukkin day, there has been no proper disclosure of the very obvious water table problems why not?


Fire River Gold Corp. has commenced the process of placing its Nixon Fork gold mine on care and maintenance. A core team will remain at the mine site to maintain the infrastructure.

The company is taking this action until a revised operating plan has been developed and market conditions improve. In the interim, the board will run a strategic process and consider and evaluate all options with respect to the Nixon Fork property.®ion=C
Half a cent bid and there ain't a poochie here who never heard it first at Neer Do Well about 2 years ago. UNREAL is what this ridiculous fraud is and was. A body can't motivate the BCSC for love nor damn, fukkin money and fuk me the company ADMITTED IN BLACK AND WHITE its disclosure was whacked and we STILL couldn't move the BCSC one iota.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It will not DIE !!!!!!

Ultra sad sack Fire River Gold has been taken over by the creditors who are desperately attempting to get their money outta THEIR white elephant.

Latest is the exact same breathless reguritation of fukkin drill results that are meaningless without full disclosure ... i.e. that rock is STILL (duh) below the water table and 1000% unminable.®ion=C
This horrid promo was donesky from the day Barr paid $ 500k for Nixon Fork and it can only amaze how many MORE millions were pissed away on that water filled hole.

A terrible investment then, a terrible investment now, and damn, this horrid PoS ought to have been delisted many moons ago for the protection of the public.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Where's the Money Honey?

We are on the eve of destruction for more than few lost causes these days.

Leading the charge is the truly done Fire River Gold (FAU.v) who SHOULD have tucked away $ 10m by now to help pay some of those many liabilites, the most important of which becomes due and payable on Wednesday.
If we can forget, if at all possible, how astounding it would be for ANOTHER retard to step up with $ 10m to piss away, we recognize this PoS should have been halted by the BCSC for the protection of the public more than 2 years ago.
::Ain’t we got fun?

Ev’ry morning, ev’ry evening
Ain’t we got fun?

Not much money, Oh, but honey
Ain’t we got fun?

The rent’s unpaid dear
We haven’t a bus

But smiles were made dear
For people like us

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weeks to go on the Fautard-o-meter ...

So this fully lost cause has until August 1st to either find another retard for multi-millions to last a few more months OR become instantly in default of the non-revolving loan with Waterton.

No question in this little mind which its gonna be and this offense will be gonzo with a whimper and not a bang. There is virtually zero time left to salvage ANYTHING. Been saying it for almost 2 years now and as scary as it sounds I have NEVER been wrong about this PoS. Conclusion hasn't changed ... sell or get nada.

Don't you worry your little head about how our two main mutts are suffering. Boyos did just fine, thanks for asking.

In reality a body needs to be more than slightly amazed that a written off property, acquired for $ 400k can be leveraged for multi-millions from one group of utter retards after another.

Amazing dopes and/or fully crooked basterds all along the line with the outcome NEVER in any doubt.
Many lessons to be learned from this horrid scam, being the textbook Venture promotion it always was and all.

First and foremost the amazing inability of some public types to ask the simplest of questions of their "management" in preference to believing the horsechit entirely without any question.

There is no question whatever (NONE) that this deal will be finished VERY soon.