Friday, September 17, 2010

Hello R. David Russell

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Material from Alaska Department of Natural Resources.

R. David Russell, Lead Director

Welcome new "lead" director of Fire River Gold, Mr. R. David Russell. Just hours after highly ridiculous and questionable comments from Mr. Richard Goodwin regarding the non-existence of "obvious" water tables, we have a new voice in support of the patently insulting.

Will Mr. Russell continue to play the "duh" card, or will the spin be morphed into something slightly better? Only time will tell with only one certainty ... Bill Gates could become president of this co and it STILL would not change the economics at Nixon Fork one iota.

September 22, 2010

The string of carefully dribbled out, 3 year old assays continued today and the market responded with big volume but virtually no price movement.

FAU - (3.0 0.57· 0.58 8.0) 0.58 +0.01   682,100

FAU.v Short Position

Short History
Symbol Report Date Volume Change

FAU - V 2010-09-15 100,000-166,000
FAU - V 2010-08-31 266,000 196,500
FAU - V 2010-08-15 69,500 -45,500
FAU - V 2010-07-31 115,000 47,500
FAU - V 2010-07-15 67,500
FAU - V 2010-06-30 67,500 67,500
FAU - V 2010-05-31 -5,000