Monday, November 29, 2010

Agoracom Update - a - Doodle

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UPDATE December 4, 2010
It appears the rapidly sinking client list of Agoracom has been reduced to 5 and none of those remaining are from the Barr stable. The rubber is hitting the pavement in a predictable way and Mr. Barr, although tardy by a few months, has smelled the Agoracom stench and left it for others.

One can't soon forget the loud and repeated protests of persecution from Agoracom management when busted, soon to be replaced by the Mea Culpas of a long running securities muttdog caught red handed.

That brand of grossly insulting verbal diarhea simply can't wash.

November 24, 2010.

In an effort to offload an OSC problem of large proportion and perhaps save some very badly needed cash to more regulatory fines, Agoracom has today announced that private message spyboy Apostolis Kondakos (Paul Kondakos) is walking the Agoracom plank.

Based on long running track records approaching 4 years acting contrary to the public interest, who can justify the Agoracom business model in any form? The public would be better off with the entire Agoracom memory relegated to history, not just Mr. Kondakos.
Meanwhile the roster of public Companies still stupid enough to be tied to the Agoracom anchor has been reduced from 13 to 10, with Mr. Barr's stable now accounting for 40% of Agoracom's remaining clients. It's absolutely amazing but Mr. Barr is contining to embrace a proven securities tarbaby.

There is no upside possible from this association, a fact a man of  Mr. Barr's long experience has no excuse in failing to recognize.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Late Results are BAD results

Some core assays have been released today, November 23, 2010.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Fire River Gold has FINALLY released assays from the drill program announced June 9, 2010 and they are all bad. Fire River Gold has had over a year and encylopedic volumes of data to chase good results and these assays are certainly far from that.

The ridiculous promoter's practice of reporting the "best" while ignoring the rest has not worked well this time (only 9 of 16 holes are reported) and the latest batch of holes that surely cost mid six figures has returned nothing except confirmation of thin width, steeply sloping ore shoots with slim to zero mining potential.

Not only is there a clear paucity of ore in "new" areas, even the micro widths reported cannot possibly be the "true widths" and MUST be smaller. There is obviously no continuity and no possibility of meaningful continuity outside of the C3000 and C3300 zones.

Apparently these bumbuster results will not be included in the underground PEA expected in mid December. One MUST wonder what would happen if Snowden actually produced a brutaly independent assessment that included mineable ore only. The decision to fund a $ 6.6m CIL circuit that directly contradicts a PEA and represents a guaranteed losing investment decision would be an amazing example of extreme VSE mental retardation, even for the likes of career promoters who have seen and done it all to the public numerous times already.  I suspect Mr. Barr would not be returning Sprott's dopey money in this incarnation.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Tar Baby Syndrome

David Alexander Kuznecov
Mr. Harry Barr continues to associate with individuals of questionable character and we know that as a proven fact with the release of news related to finders' fees in the closing of the first tranch of the financing.

"$1,575 cash payable to Alex Kuznecov"
Mr. Alex Kuznecov was the CFO and large insider seller of Fountain House Holdings (FHH.v) when the Co issued news ... "Minimum revenue of the contract is $21.5 million per annum" and "this initial order totals $845,000" and "The Company has already shipped and received payment for 300 Drinkscentres"

Yes well. All that rubbish is patently false and fraudulent as the actual reported revenues were zero.  In fact the Co never sold a single "Drinkscenter" during it's entire existance ... ever.  That insignificant truth did not stop Mr. Alex Kuznecov from cashing out a six figure score from a position of trust off the public.

In addition to this, Mr. Kuznecov was sanctioned by the exchange for grotesque misconduct while a stockbroker with Yorkton Securities Inc., abrogating yet another position of public trust.

"During the Caprice Period, Reagh and Kuznecov entered orders for the Spector Accounts that were responsible for: 76 in-house crosses that may not have resulted in a change of beneficial ownership; 89 high close transactions or on 59% of the total trading days, and 491 uptick transactions of 55% of all uptick transactions."

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Agoracom - a - Doodle etc.

The OSC has weaved its magic with the movers and shakers at Agoracom and the results have been 100% predictable, except for the salacious and as yet unresolved part about spying on their users private messages.

For a far more detailed description of events check out: "The Paid Touts" on the Penny Stock Journal.

The braintrust at Fire River Gold might be finally starting to question the relationship with Agoracom, and if they aren't they definitely should as they have Agoracom to thank for making that relationship all too common knowledge.

"AGORACOM would like to thank the following for their unwavering support over the last 7 months:

•Harry Barr, Spiros Cacos and the entire International Metals Group including, Fire River Gold, Pacific Northwest Capital, El Nino Ventures and Next Gen Metals."

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it has been made very clear that Mr. Barr's Pacific Northwest Capital (PFN.t) isn't such a stalward steward of massive quantities of dead free FAU paper after all.

"Nov 14/10 Nov 09/10 Pacific North West Capital Corp. Common Shares - Disposition -27,000 $0.550
Nov 14/10 Nov 09/10 Pacific North West Capital Corp. Common Shares - Disposition -30,000 $0.540
Nov 14/10 Nov 09/10 Pacific North West Capital Corp. Common Shares - Disposition -52,000 $0.530
Nov 04/10 Nov 04/10 Pacific North West Capital Corp. Common Shares - Disposition -650,000 $0.450
While we ponder the many millions more free FAU shares still floating in PFN La La Land an observer has REALLY got to wonder what happened to the drill results from the Nixon Fork program announced JUNE 9, 2010.

Its always true on the VSE that late results are bad results so these holes must really, really suck. And should a body be surprised? In a thin width, vertically dipping ore shoot environment it would take a small miracle to nail an ore shoot "properly", even if the gold wasn't below the water table.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dead Cat Bouncing

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There has been an improbable air of optimism blown into the market for FAU paper recently by a breathless tout by Mr. Charles Oliver of Sprott Asset Management on Business News Network.

It should come as absolutely no surprise that Sprott has suddenly and shockingly found a reason to become bullish on this paper ... after filling its pockets with rock bottom wholesale units.

A body following that track record of recommending its own wholesale paper to the public at much higher retail levels would find a long and horrid wreckage of failed deals that would rival all VSE promoters put together.

Lets look at a singular example ... ATW Gold on March 27, 2009 announced ...

"ATW Gold Corp. has arranged a non-brokered private placement of up to 7,258,064 units priced at 62 cents per unit to raise up to $4.5-million. Of the $4.5-million comprising the private placement, Sprott Asset Management Inc., as portfolio manager for various funds, is purchasing a total of $3,503,000."

And yes of course there was a (very) brief period when Sprott suddenly became massive big public toutsters of ATW Gold paper ...

There are far more unknowns than knowns about this dopey deal and that is more than reason enough to leave this paper for Sprott and their ilk.