Monday, November 29, 2010

Agoracom Update - a - Doodle

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UPDATE December 4, 2010
It appears the rapidly sinking client list of Agoracom has been reduced to 5 and none of those remaining are from the Barr stable. The rubber is hitting the pavement in a predictable way and Mr. Barr, although tardy by a few months, has smelled the Agoracom stench and left it for others.

One can't soon forget the loud and repeated protests of persecution from Agoracom management when busted, soon to be replaced by the Mea Culpas of a long running securities muttdog caught red handed.

That brand of grossly insulting verbal diarhea simply can't wash.

November 24, 2010.

In an effort to offload an OSC problem of large proportion and perhaps save some very badly needed cash to more regulatory fines, Agoracom has today announced that private message spyboy Apostolis Kondakos (Paul Kondakos) is walking the Agoracom plank.

Based on long running track records approaching 4 years acting contrary to the public interest, who can justify the Agoracom business model in any form? The public would be better off with the entire Agoracom memory relegated to history, not just Mr. Kondakos.
Meanwhile the roster of public Companies still stupid enough to be tied to the Agoracom anchor has been reduced from 13 to 10, with Mr. Barr's stable now accounting for 40% of Agoracom's remaining clients. It's absolutely amazing but Mr. Barr is contining to embrace a proven securities tarbaby.

There is no upside possible from this association, a fact a man of  Mr. Barr's long experience has no excuse in failing to recognize.