Monday, November 22, 2010

The Tar Baby Syndrome

David Alexander Kuznecov
Mr. Harry Barr continues to associate with individuals of questionable character and we know that as a proven fact with the release of news related to finders' fees in the closing of the first tranch of the financing.

"$1,575 cash payable to Alex Kuznecov"
Mr. Alex Kuznecov was the CFO and large insider seller of Fountain House Holdings (FHH.v) when the Co issued news ... "Minimum revenue of the contract is $21.5 million per annum" and "this initial order totals $845,000" and "The Company has already shipped and received payment for 300 Drinkscentres"

Yes well. All that rubbish is patently false and fraudulent as the actual reported revenues were zero.  In fact the Co never sold a single "Drinkscenter" during it's entire existance ... ever.  That insignificant truth did not stop Mr. Alex Kuznecov from cashing out a six figure score from a position of trust off the public.

In addition to this, Mr. Kuznecov was sanctioned by the exchange for grotesque misconduct while a stockbroker with Yorkton Securities Inc., abrogating yet another position of public trust.

"During the Caprice Period, Reagh and Kuznecov entered orders for the Spector Accounts that were responsible for: 76 in-house crosses that may not have resulted in a change of beneficial ownership; 89 high close transactions or on 59% of the total trading days, and 491 uptick transactions of 55% of all uptick transactions."