Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Damn the Torpedos

Admiral David Glasgow Farragut (1801-1870), the first senior officer of the U.S. Navy at the time of the American Civil War.

The quote is "Damn the torpedos, Captain Drayton four bells Jouett full speed!"

While the investing world waits for the "in house" PEA on the resumption of underground mining at Nixon Fork, the management of Fire River Gold is waiting for not very much as the cash burn gets rolling ...

"Fire River Gold Corp. has expanded its management team at the Nixon Fork mine. Several key personnel have been recently added to oversee construction of the cyanidation plant during the winter and ready the mine for production next summer."

So a very expensive surface drill program returns less than encouraging results and its STILL a foregone conclusion that a $ 7m CIL is economically justified?

And forget too the tailings PEA that is just about as bare bones as can be found even with AU at record levels?

A body really has got to wonder what the point of all these expensive engineering studies are if their supposed purpose has no meaning or relevance whatsoever to the decisions being made.

Bottom line remains completely untouched and obvious to all.

Why is this Co claiming AU ozs that represent a majority of the supposed ore at Nixon Fork if that rock is below the water table and cannot be mined?