Friday, January 21, 2011

NSI for Dummies

Yet another set of drill results that demonstrate in clarity exactly how hopeless things are at Nixon Fork, but this time, at least, the company has decided to do its shareholders and the public a favour and report the dusters instead of ignoring them completely. NSI means No Significant Intercept and the drill is hitting barren rock far more often than not.

And the only significant intersections are once again from the C3000 zone, and how many times is it possible to breathlessly spew about that which CANNOT be mined?

We should not ask because that is ALL this promotion can possibly do to lasso obtuse public live ones to this diluted paper.

Pretty pictures that obviously take a great deal of time to prepare once again fail to show the location of the water table, and without an appreciation of where that is, every bit of propaganistic eye candy is designed 100% to mislead, not inform.

This Co has not added a single mineable oz and certainly over seven figures has been blown on drilling thus far. Its St Andrews all over again and who can be so stupid as to gleefully repeat the same grossly expensive mistakes of others?

Well, a promoter looking to unload a great deal of ridiculously cheap paper on the public at a multi-bag is the exception to that rule, but what excuse does the public have in swallowing the same rubbish, over and over, while losing all their money?

This is far from rocket science and a potential investor need ask only one thing of Mr. Harry Barr and Fire River Gold ... where are the material facts contained in the Golder Associates study on pumping and grouting? If that study and its contents continues to be witheld this deal needs to be avoided like the plague that it very clearly is.

A body could take the logical next step and wonder what it means for insiders to bail on dopey public types while failing to disclose the missing and highly material facts that are obvious to all ... even ridiculously hard to motivate BCSC types.

Insiders have not been blowing out their paper in significant quantities YET, but lets get serious here, whats the point of running a promotion if not to unload worthless paper on ultra dumb sheeple incapable of understanding the fundamentals of their "investment"?
Meanwhile a semi-creative (duh) google search containing the keywords "water" and "Nixon Fork" returns the following in 24 point bold font for public types (from July 2004) ...

MINING NEWS: Permitting issues delay Nixon Fork startup

Additional water discharge permit needed at shuttered mine; Mystery Creek plans to produce gold by re-treating tailings."

And gee whiz, scroll down slightly and there's more from November 6, 2006 ...

"The existing gold resource at Nixon Fork includes some mineralization that lies below the existing water table, about 1,000 feet down from the mine's surface level. Accessing that ore is a technical issue the company is still working to resolve, which includes testing work that is in the process, Jones said."