Thursday, February 17, 2011

PEAs for the Terminally Obtuse

The delayed Snowden PEA has hit the fan with predictable suspension of rational disbelief and the contradictions are obvious to a child.

"The current resource is sufficient to sustain a two year production forecast ..."

That's lame as hell IF every oz could be scooped up with a plastic shovel at the surface, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

"During the first year, mining only occurs in the 3000 and 330 zones of the Crystal Mine. The Mystery Mine begins production in the 18th month."

One assumes the "330 zones" is actually the "C3300" zone, and has this blogger not wasted enough greenhouse gas explaining why that is not gonna happen anytime soon and certainly NOT without an EPA water discharge permit?

There are 101k assumed mineable tons with 87.5k of that in the Crystal zones (C3000 and C3300). 90% of this multi-million dollar fantasy riding on ore that cannot be mined. Is there 6 months worth of mineable sulfide ore available, scratched from multiple sources (Southern Cross & Mystery) that St Andrews somehow missed? Even that optimistic assumption seems a very large stretch.

And what of that nebulous water table? Well holy krap, this ultra dopey promotion has finally admitted, sort of, that there's a problem in the henhouse.

"Mining to Depth: Approximately 50% of the mineral inventory is at depth in the Crystal Mine. At present this is a zero-discharge operation. The water table has not been defined at present. The mine is quite dry with inflows of <1.0 l/s, though the water level at the bottom of the mine is known to fluctuate seasonally by as much as 6 vertical metres. The Company has several plans in place to facilitate mining to depth, including the installation of dammed reservoirs in the mine to contain mine water, recycling mine water for drill requirements, using spraying misters to evaporate excess water."
Yeah sure. Alaskan evaporation will save the day, if underground dams won't do the trick, don't be bloody damn ridiculous.

More utterly frikkin insulting smoke and mirrors, and EVERY possible plan was examined in detail by St Andrews at great expense and discarded as not feasible. And the water table is "not defined" ? Absolutely defined according to the environmental assessment filed with the Alaska government ... or the Golder Associates study on grouting and pumping ... if we had it of course.
"The third groundwater system is the regional water table that is encountered at the base of the Crystal mine. The water elevation in the bottom of the Crystal mine varies seasonally but it has reached an elevation of approximately 475 ft (145 meters) above sea level in the mine or about 800 ft (244 meters) below the surface of the Crystal portal."