Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Goodbye Mr. Harry Barr, sort of

There was an announcement of the resignation of Mr. Harry Barr as president and CEO of Fire River Gold today ...

"Harry Barr has elected to step down as president, chief executive officer and director of Fire River Gold Corp. and its Alaskan subsidiaries. Mr. Barr will concentrate his efforts on the other member companies of the International Metals Group, as president and CEO of Pacific North West Capital Corp., El Nino Ventures and Next Gen Metals Inc."

While relinquishing apparent control there is no question whom the main man at Fire River Gold is. Not only can Mr. Barr be far removed from this ridiculous promotion when it inevitably crashes and burns in a few moons, he has installed not one but TWO whipping boys when it does so.

Lets call this maneuver what it is ... another stroke of Barr brilliance as Fire River Gold moves fully into distribution phase. The man has protected that grossly enriched buttock at the most critical time AND he now has full deniability as the groundwork gets laid for the NEXT promotion.

OF COURSE he wants nothing more to do with nebulous water tables and undisclosed material facts ... he has other, far more expendable monkeys for that onerous, bag holding duty.

Kudos Mr. Harry Barr for giving us a textbook example of how promotion is done on the Venture exchange bordello.