Monday, April 25, 2011

Escrow release = Barr Pay Day

Absolutely nothing puts things into perspective any better than todays' news of an escrow release.

As loyal readers know these shares are Mr. Barr's founders shares and are basically free ... given as a reward for all that selfless hard work in bringing this can't miss proposition of a lifetime into the public sphere.

"On 19 June 2008, the Company issued 4,300,000 common shares of the Company at .001 per common share for cash proceeds of $4,300. (These are your ultra cheap principal seed shares and are escrowed for a specified period)"

So lets see here. Thats 2.7m free trading shares at a cost of less than $ 2,700 or $ 1.4 million bucks off the backs of complete dum dums. Money for nothing indeed and does anybody fail to see the point of grotesque failure to disclose now?

It is a day like today that exemplies the movement of dopey capital from those believing highly ridiculous promises of greatness and those greedily dishing them out on a daily basis.