Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Underground dam to save the day = Pfffftttt !!!

There has been a corporate update from Fire River Gold.
Newly installed grand head frommage Mr. Richard Goodwin has released "feel good" news today to placate the growing public masses as they finally begin to question that $ 55m market cap for a written off property acquired for $ 500k
Highly observant types will recognize Mr. Goodwin no longer claims "150-170k tons of tailings" nor that Nixon Fork is "fully bonded and permitted" nor that "the C3000 zones will be the first to be mined". All of which is past the point of grossly insulting. The newly polished pooh is about 6 months worth of ore from the upper portion of the Crystal Mine. (Highly, and I do mean HIGHLY doubtful in a thin width, deeply sloped ore shoot environment.)

Sadly the brand spanking new poopage has mearly changed texture and consistancy, not the all important black or white character of veracity ... "The Crystal ramp is being deepened to access the down dip of extensions of both the 3000 and 3300 zones (which represent our highest grade resources). There is currently 3 ft of water at the bottom of the mine. A 200,000 gallon reservoir is being constructed in the middle of the Crystal Mine. Water from the bottom of the mine and the advancing ramp face will be pumped to this reservoir, which will be used as the source of mine water for drilling and for wetting muckpiles. The ramp has been advanced 24 ft so far and is being driven as a priority heading."

The bottom of the shaft has gone from "fairly dry at present" to "3 ft of water at the bottom" and where is the engineering work to allow construction of a suddenly required underground dam for a ridiculously low 200k gallons?

I suppose one is still expected to believe Alaskan evaporation will come to the rescue to offload the oceans of excess water at Nixon Fork.

More absolutely improbable and unbelievable rubbish and it never seems to end from this company.