Monday, May 16, 2011

"The mine is currently dry"

Yes of course it is. The mine is bone dry and any dope can see that with their own eyes. And that self same dope won't be asking where the water came from in the first place or where its supposed to go.

Amazingly insulting doublespeak but that stupidity is absolutely, positively, nothing new with this group.
Is this the exciting part citizens? Hell bloody no, get a load of the following ...

"The mine is currently dry. Slimes have been mucked from the bottom of the ramp leaving 1 foot of water. Past operators experienced seasonal inflows into the mine from the spring melt. This has not been our experience over the past two seasons.

A 200,000 gallon dammed reservoir is being constructed at the 190 metre level and is nearing completion. Seasonal groundwater inflow, if experienced, will be pumped into this reservoir, which will then be used as the source of drill water throughout the mine. The old ramp bottom will be used as a sump for both development drives. Rather than extend the old ramp, the new down ramp was located in the less permeable limestone as per the recommendations of an existing Golder Associates report from 2006."

So after MORE THAN 2 years of denying its content entirely as this promo lured risk capital by the multi-millions, this Co has finally admitted to HAVING the darn thing all along.

Awesome work boyz. With this brand of management what could possibly go wrong now? Why not release the very material Golder Associates report? If denial of its existence isn't the excuse for continuous and deliberate failure to disclose what (the flying, damn fork) is it now?