Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Burn Me Arse this Time, err again

After what seems like eons tracking this ridiculous promotion this monkey had thought it impossible to aggrevate the offensive insults being dished up ad nauseum.

Wrong again. In the face of months asking for answers to the questions even a child would ask this Company has managed to deny the obvious again ... and with unbridled gusto.
From the NEWS released today (July 5, 2011)

"There is much speculation, but few facts known about the groundwater situation in the mine."

Grrrrrr - a - fukkin Doodle !!!

How is it still POSSIBLE for this company to claim ignorance when there is an encylopedia of information about the water table issue at Nixon Fork, most of which contained in a report from professional ground water engineers that has been obviously and deliberately withheld from public disclosure for YEARS?

Spanked twice by the BCSC over disclosure issues already and does this group care one damn iota about another?

This promotion has gone from unbelievable to outrageously sickening. If this is an example of how easy it is to clearly and obviously chit on every rule in the securites book while getting filthy rich, well, WTF are the rules for exactly and why should ANYBODY respect them?

A stinging indictment of the Venture Exchange, the BCSC, and even the brokerages who have no problem turning a blind eye as long as it pays.

A body COULD NOT find a more blatent and outrageous fraud, yes fraud, against the public interest and this monkey has better than 25 years experience to draw apon to make that self-evident assessment.