Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bazookas and Milestones for FAUtards

If being compensated by the useless word, Mr. Goodwin is returning spectactular dividends for those remaining (very) poor souls still stuck in FAU.v at historic lows.

Reading all about this near done promo's many accomplishments and copious milestones is inspirational, truly. A certain comfort to those public types that stand to lose the remainder in months.®ion=C
Where to start with that which is insulting from start to finish?

"From July 4, 2011, to the end of March, 2012, the mine produced 25,875 tonnes of ore grading approximately 15.5 grams of gold per tonne, so a total of 12,875 ounces of gold were mined."

Hmmmm and hold on to your doodle for a second. 9 months production = 12,875 ozs when the promised was SUPPOSED to be 37,500 ozs (50k X 9/12)

Could this be the reason cash burn is $2.5m per month + still? (Ahuck?)

"The mine was muck bound for much of the first quarter due to the commissioning delays in the mill."

Whatza? Not "muck bound" because of the water table at all, and, hmmmmm ...

"Successfully implemented long-hole open stoping in the mine in two locations (208 to 220 metres above sea level and 240 to 270 metres above sea level of the 3300 zone);"
And what do we "know" about that water table? "The water table varies from 140 meter to 168 meter in elevation."
Bestus part? We got you covered with a bazooka for mining success in FAUtard land citizen ...

"... a smaller bazooka-type drill is used to drill 15- to 25-metre holes that help to define the higher-grade pods of mineralization.

The company owns and operates both the bazooka and Hagby drills."
Uturdly insulting is what Mr. Goodwin's verbal stupidity has always been. If a body cannot be insulted by this horrid brand of Goodwinisms they very probably deserve to lose the dough anyway.