Friday, May 11, 2012

FAU.v Financials for Retards

All a body can say after a while is Pffft - my - fukkin doodle from latest quarterly reading from this ridiculous smoke show.

For some reason, that can't be good, the cost of shuttering Nixon Fork is now past a whopping $ 6m and whats this at the bottom to bootsky? A lawsuit that isn't material enough to tell stakeholders about because its in the "ordinary course" of business?

Losing money hand over bloody foot of course and don't be freakin ridiculous. One can only marvel at how close this brick actually was to complete insolvency before that dopey Sprott debt arrived to save the day, temporarily.

Accounts payable going through the roof and rumours of suppliers getting squeezed has turned out to be 100% correct, and that fact may explain the lawsuit as well.