Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SOMETHING is always better than NOTHING

Never has this ultra dopey deal been rocket science.

The utter and insulting lies from this group of miscreants has been non-stop from day one, continues to this minute, and they even provided the rope to hang themselves with 18 months ago by admitting to HAVING the Golder Associates engineering study the entire time.

OF COURSE nobody is stupid enough to throw another $ 4m away and that horsechit was very likely just another lie to offload more paper.

There is absolutely zero reason to hold this ridiculous paper, there never has been a good reason to hold it, and without any question it is going to zero with the only unknown if it will be there in days or weeks.

"Fire River names Russell interim CEO, delays financing

Fire River Gold Corp. has appointed R. David Russell, the company's non-executive chairman, as interim president and chief executive officer while the company finalizes its review process and discussions with potential CEO candidates. "®ion=C

"potential CEO candidates"

Yes of course there has been an announcement of multiple K9s jumping from the kennal with the list including virtually the entire BoD.

Despite the unending stupidity from ridiculous pumper dopes, who have somehow STILL failed to go back to wherever it is exactly they come from, there will never be a "buying opportunity" for this utter offense.
"Fire River Gold Corp. has accepted the resignations of the following individuals, effective immediately: Richard Goodwin, president and director, Timothy Smith, vice-president and chief operating officer, and board members Linda Holmes and C. Douglas Lang."

R. David Russell, the company's non-executive chairman, said: "We would like to thank Mr. Goodwin and Mr. Smith for their contribution to the Nixon Fork mine.®ion=C

A body can guarantee there will be news of SOMETHING horrific very soon butt really. This observer's only question is why R. David Russell isn't taking a hike too ... he's been around for a looooong time and knows all.

We suspect the BCSC might have FINALLY looked into the second, highly bogus 43-101, but who freakin knows. A phone call to these wicked SoBs 18 months ago might have done some good for the public ... certainly it's of no service whatever in the final hours of this grotesque offense.

Yet another massive accomplishment of this lost cause was announced today ... the dilution of this horrid deal at ultra rock bottom for enough cash to last another 2 months, at very best.

"Fire River Gold Corp. has arranged a non-brokered private placement to raise up to $4-million by issuing up to 34,782,609 units at a price of 11.5 cents per unit. Each unit consists of one common share and one whole share purchase warrant. Each warrant will entitle the holder, on exercise, for a term of 24 months from the closing date, to purchase one additional common share at 16 cents per warrant share."

One wonders mightily a) who the tard is at $ .115, and b) if the dopey PP is gonna close at all.

So yes indeed at the near end of it all this commentator has NAILED this ridiculous deal BANG-ON and from near day 1.