Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weeks to go on the Fautard-o-meter ...

So this fully lost cause has until August 1st to either find another retard for multi-millions to last a few more months OR become instantly in default of the non-revolving loan with Waterton.

No question in this little mind which its gonna be and this offense will be gonzo with a whimper and not a bang. There is virtually zero time left to salvage ANYTHING. Been saying it for almost 2 years now and as scary as it sounds I have NEVER been wrong about this PoS. Conclusion hasn't changed ... sell or get nada.

Don't you worry your little head about how our two main mutts are suffering. Boyos did just fine, thanks for asking.

In reality a body needs to be more than slightly amazed that a written off property, acquired for $ 400k can be leveraged for multi-millions from one group of utter retards after another.

Amazing dopes and/or fully crooked basterds all along the line with the outcome NEVER in any doubt.
Many lessons to be learned from this horrid scam, being the textbook Venture promotion it always was and all.

First and foremost the amazing inability of some public types to ask the simplest of questions of their "management" in preference to believing the horsechit entirely without any question.

There is no question whatever (NONE) that this deal will be finished VERY soon.