Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nixon Fork FINALLY shuttered

And here we go, FINALLY the last nail in this disgusting offense and now one wonders if Mr. Harry Barr will buy the property in bankruptcy and do it all over again for the NEXT generation of truly amazing idiots.

Since, to this fukkin day, there has been no proper disclosure of the very obvious water table problems why not?


Fire River Gold Corp. has commenced the process of placing its Nixon Fork gold mine on care and maintenance. A core team will remain at the mine site to maintain the infrastructure.

The company is taking this action until a revised operating plan has been developed and market conditions improve. In the interim, the board will run a strategic process and consider and evaluate all options with respect to the Nixon Fork property.®ion=C
Half a cent bid and there ain't a poochie here who never heard it first at Neer Do Well about 2 years ago. UNREAL is what this ridiculous fraud is and was. A body can't motivate the BCSC for love nor damn, fukkin money and fuk me the company ADMITTED IN BLACK AND WHITE its disclosure was whacked and we STILL couldn't move the BCSC one iota.